Te Pahū's Tony Wyeth of Sing Along With Tony is providing entertainment for children during the lockdown.

Tony is reading stories live on his Facebook page at 2pm on every weekday.

Each day he will read a couple of stories before a sing-along to get the kids up and active. These can be found on the Sing Along With Tony Facebook page.

Tony has also released a single called Coronavirus, Coronavirus, a song that reminds kids to stay safe and hygienic as well as suggesting some options to keep them busy during the lockdown.


This can be found on his Sing Along With Tony YouTube channel.

Tony has been in the industry for over 25 years from street theatre to professional theatre. From no-budget short films, to big budget feature films with Oscar-winning actors (Geoffrey Rush) as well as TV advertising and TV series.

Tony learnt violin and drums as a child followed by seven years as drummer for various original bands in England including Smokey Feel and Johnny Fist.

He has also composed soundtracks for theatre and short film and performed solo in France and England.