The success of a series of ukulele concerts and workshops in Kihikihi last year has prompted the organisers to form a Kihikihi Ukulele Club.

On the last Sunday of each month during spring the Kihikihi Residents and Ratepayers group hosted the Kihikihi Spring Ukulele Festival with its inspiration stemming from member Sara Grayson and her mum Angela Brown.

Enthusiasm to play the ukulele grew and the mother-daughter duo has set their sights on setting up a club to provide a social setting where beginners and more advanced players can meet to enjoy playing.

"We are looking forward to making music, having fun and building on the great community spirit that is growing in Kihikihi," said Sara.


"People who love to play the ukulele have been travelling to groups in Hamilton, Cambridge and Te Kuiti so we are thrilled to have something right on our doorstep."

The Maori Women's Welfare League has also been bringing in a tutor to run workshops due to demand public demand.

The inaugural meeting to discuss the formation of the club is being held on Wednesday, January 29 at 6.30pm in the Kihikihi Bowling Club rooms where everyone will be welcomed to share ideas.

Sara and Angela are aiming for the club to be low cost so that it is accessible to everyone, to cater to beginners right through to advance players and to run fortnightly, with the hopes of commencing on Tuesday, February 4.

They are also calling for and encouraging enthusiastic people to come on board with the running of theclub.

Two tutors have already expressed their interest in the club and tutors will be confirmed in the next couple of weeks.

Sara says that Kihikihi is rapidly developing and becoming more vibrant with young families moving into the area, a number of new businesses, places to practise karate, table tennis, yoga and meditation and with the Kihikihi School grounds development starting with Project Muralise in March.

"We think that a ukulele club will bring people of all ages together and create another great opportunity for the community spirit to grow," said Sara.