Te Awamutu Community Board has a new chairperson — second term board member Ange Holt was elected to the top position on Friday.

Ange says the board is a great mixture of experience and new members, with fresh ideas, so she is looking forward to her term.

She is also impressed with the council staff assigned to support the board and believes it will be a successful partnership.

Ange says the real work will start in the new year when the board will work with council to formulate a strategic plan for the next three years.


However, she says board members are making a head start in December when they will bring ideas to the table for consideration.

Ange says she would like to see the Te Awamutu Community Board more involved in existing and new environmental initiatives.

These could include organising and promoting more E-waste Days, a DIY Garage Sale, Battery Recycling and Inorganic Dump Days. As well as bringing ideas to the meeting, Ange and other members are also keen to hear from people about what they consider most important for Te Awamutu and environs.

She says the board is the conduit between people and council, a role she is keen to promote.

The board will also be working closely with Council on the next Long Term Plan, to continue such initiatives as solving parking issues.

To contact the board, email ange.holt@waipadc.govt.nz