Local elections 2019

Dan Armstrong is setting his sights on the Waikato Regional Council in this year's local body elections by standing for the Waipa-King Country ward.

A long-time advocate for the community, Dan is originally from the Taumarunui area and grew up in Te Awamutu, attending Te Awamutu Primary, intermediate and college.

He now studies sociology and history through Massey University and works as a visitor host at the Waikato Museum.

Dan has lived in the Waipa district for 20 years and has worked in the Waipa and Hamilton, from customer service roles to journalism, and has held several voluntary and board positions.


Dan also hosts The Locals on Waikato radio station Free FM.

The radio show spotlights people of the Waipa and their stories, covering topics such mental health and local politics.

"The radio show has been good for me as it opened me up to a range of ideas and perspectives from the area."

The 25-year-old sees the fact that he is younger than most of the current elected councillors as a positive thing.

"There's no one that looks like me in the council, no one who knows, and has experienced, what young people are grappling with in 2019.
"This is the opportunity to have a young, loud voice fighting for the Waipa and King Country."

Dan believes those sitting around the table at Waikato Regional Council should represent the diversity of the community.

"Having someone young, willing to listen, support and empower the people of Waipa, King Country and Waikato can only be a strength.

"That's the decision many will face when they vote. Are they going to vote for change or are they going to continue to vote for our situation to stay the same?"


The major issue Dan will be focusing on if elected is climate change.
"Without a loud voice on climate change, we are going to suffer," he says.

"The Waikato today is grappling with increased rainfall and increased droughts, our coastal communities are dealing with flooding and erosion.

"Climate change isn't an abstract idea. The time to act was a long time ago and we have to make up for that.

"We only get one Waikato. We need to care about our communities, our awa and our maunga because we can see the degradation and it's sobering."

Dan says another aspect of the role of a regional councillor should be engagement.
He is passionate about getting out in the community and getting stuck into a job.

"I've helped clean river banks and have pushed for improved public transport.

"Understanding what's happening on a local level is vital. I am eager to promote what the Waikato Regional Council is doing and how people can get involved."

His other priorities are sustainable development and public transport.