Months of dedication and commitment for Pāterangi School student Hollie Larsen (10) and her kid Lucky paid off with success at Group day and the Waikato A & P Show.

The pair were Champion Most Obvious Pet and Reserve Rearing at group day.

They went on to compete at the Waikato A&P Show and won Champion Goat Most Obvious Pet — Calling from the field of 57.

Hollie and Lucky then took out the top award Champion Goat Child Effort — achieved by performing the best calling and leading of her goat from all competitors.


It is the inaugural year of the award and has been won by Pāterangi. Hollie's parents say it's a huge achievement that has made her parents, school and community proud.

Pirongia School hosted the Mt Pirongia Group Day, welcoming Paterangi and Ngutunui.

Most Obvious Pet, Novice, Early: Zara Gollan (Pat), 1; Juno Instone (Pir), 2; Bentley Hawkins (Pat), 3; Maria Wacker (Pir), 4; Ken Fraser (Pir), 5.

Late: Ryan Howes (Pir), 1; Sam Smith (Pir), 2; William Earwaker (Pir), 3; Brodie Gane (Pir), 4; Obie Keelty (Pir), 5.

Junior, Early: Khan Gilbert Ngu, 1; Riley Wood (Pir), 2; Pippa Earwaker (Pir), 3; Emilia Howes (Pir), 4.

Late: Jack Gollan (Pat), 1; Harry Smith (Pir), 2; Asha Scott (Ngu), 3; Harry Gane (Pir), 4; Noah Joyce (Pat), 5.

Intermediate: Liam Hodgson Pir 1; Keely Johnson (Pir), 2; Rachel Bathgate (Pir), 3; Hollie Fraser (Pir), 4; Matthew Joyce (Pat), 5.

Leading, Novice, Early: Bently Hawkins, 1; Maria Wacker, 2; Zara Gollan, 3; Juno Instone, 4; Ken Fraser, 5.

Late: Sam Smith, 1; William Earwaker, 2; Brodie Gane, 3; Ryan Howes, 4; Obie Keelty, 5.

Junior, Early: Digby Keelty (Pir), 1; Khan Gilbert, 2; Emilia Howes, 3; Riley Wood, 4; Pippa Earwaker, 5.

Late: Harry Gane, 1; Jack Gollan, 2; Harry Smith, 3; Asha Scott, 4; Noah Joyce, 5.

Intermediate: Archie Keelty (Pir), 1; Matthew Dickson (Pir), 2; Lylah Wood (Pir), 3; Keely Johnson, 4; Rachel Bathgate, 5.

Senior: Ella Jeffares (Pir), 1; Blake Morrison (Pat), 2; Aylee Gane (Pir), 3; Finn Tayler (Pir), 4; Stephanie Freer (Pir), 5.

Champion: Ella Jeffares;

Reserve: Bentley Hawkins.

Rearing, Novice, Early: Lara Gallan (Pat), 1; Juno Instone, 2; Maria Wacker, 3; Bentley Hawkins, 4; Ken Fraser, 5.

Late: Obie Keelty, 1; William Earwaker, 2; Ryan Howes, 3; Brodie Gane, 4; Sam Smith, 5.

Junior, Early: Digby Keelty, 1; Pippa Earwaker, 2; Riley Wood, 3; Khan Gilbert, 4; Emilia Howes, 5.

Late: Noah Joyce, 1; Jack Gallan, 2; Asha Scott, 3; Harry Gane, 4; Harry Smith, 5.

Intermediate, Early: Archie Keelty, 1; Hollie Fraser, 2; Rachel Bathgate, 3.

Late: Matthew Joyce, 1; Liam Hodgson, 2; Keely Johnson, 3; Lylah Wood, 4; Matthew Dickson, 5.

Senior, Early: Connie Gamble (Pir), 1; Finn Tayler, 2; Stephanie Freer, 3. Late: Aidan Hodgson (Pir), 1; Aylee Gane, 2; Ella Jeffares, 3; Blake Morrison, 4; Elana Dickson (Pir), 5.

Champion, Early: Archie Keelty; Reserve: Digby Keelty.

Champion, Late: Noah Joyce; Reserve: Aidan Hodgson.

Groups of Three: Aylee Gane, Ella Jeffares, Aidan Hodgson, 1; Liam Hodgson, Brodie Gane, Harry Gane, 2; Blake Morrison, Matthew Joyce, Noah Joyce, 3; Ryley Wood, Lylah Wood, Finn Taylor, 4; Maria Wacker, Khan Gilbert, Asha Scott, 5.

Most Obvious Pet, Novice: Kallan Dilley (Ngu), 1; Thomas Shaw (Pir), 2.

Junior: Amelia Neilson (Pat), 1; Bella McKenzie (Pir), 2; Stanley Parker (Pir), 3; Toby Paterson (Pir), 4.

Intermediate: Hollie Larsen (Pat), 1; Tyla Neilson (Pat), 2; Emily van Boven (Pir), 3; Oscar Parker (Pir), 4, Hollie Broughton (Pir), 5.

Senior: Blake van Boven (Pir), 1; Blake Seebeck (Pir), 2.

Champion: Hollie Larsen;

Reserve: Amelia Neilson.

Leading, Novice: Kallan Dilley, 1; Thomas Shaw, 2.

Junior: Toby Paterson, 1; Bella McKenzie, 2; Stanley Parker, 3; Amelia Neilson, 4.

Intermediate: Hollie Broughton, 1; Oscar Parker, 2; Hollie Larsen, 3; Emily van Boven, 4; Tyla Neilson, 5.

Senior: Blake van Boven, 1; Blake Seebeck, 2.

Champion: Toby Paterson;

Reserve: Hollie Broughton.

Rearing, Novice: Thomas Shaw, 1; Kallan Dilley, 2.

Junior: Amelia Neilson, 1; Toby Paterson, 2; Bella McKenzie, 3.

Intermediate: Hollie Larsen, 1; Tyla Neilson, 2; Hollie Broughton, 3; Emily van Boven, 4; Oscar Parker, 5.

Senior: Blake van Boven, 1; Blake Seebeck, 2.

Champion: Amelia Neilson;

Reserve: Hollie Larsen.

Groups of Three: Blake Seebeck, Emily van Boven, Blake van Boven, 1; Toby Paterson, Oscar Parker, Stanley Parker, 2; Bella McKenzie, Thomas Shaw, Kallan Dilley, 3.