It was finals week for the Montana Food and Events Secondary Schools Championship competition on Saturday, 8 September 2018.

It was an outstanding day weather wise meaning a lot of spectator support and some awesome skills on display in the dry conditions.

Prize giving was held at the conclusion of all the games.

For the Senior 1A final the game was a real nail bitter and could have gone either way with the final score only one goal the difference.


Waikato Diocesan Senior Development and Te Awamutu College Open Premier had a great final game with the score see-sawing throughout.

At the end of the first quarter Waikato Dio led by a goal only to increase this to lead by three goals at half time.

Te Awamutu had a great third quarter to take the lead by three goals.

The final quarter was then won by Waikato Dio to enable them to take the win 34 goals to 33 goals.

It was great to see such talent on display in this game and also great spectator support.

In the Senior 2A final it was similar with nothing between Ngaruawahia Panthers and MLV (Melville) Open A.

The scores were drawn at the end of the first quarter and then Ngaruawahia had a one goal lead at half time which they increased to lead by four goals at the end of the third quarter.

MLV Open had a good final quarter but it was not enough with Ngaruawahia taking the win 31 goals to 29. A competitive and fitting final.

Cambridge High School Junior Premier, Y10 Pool 1A winners. Photo/ Judy Macdonald
Cambridge High School Junior Premier, Y10 Pool 1A winners. Photo/ Judy Macdonald

In the Year 10 Pool 1A final CHS (Cambridge High School) Junior Premier and HGHS (Hamilton Girls High School) 10A had a great tussle.

At the end of the first quarter CHS lead by two goals only to see HGHS lead by two goals at half time.

The third quarter was all tied up and was goal for goal and it was only in the final quarter that CHS again crept into the lead to win 24 goals to 22.

Another great final with lots of promising players on court.

In the Year 9 1A final it was a bit of a one sided affair with HGHS (Hamilton Girls High School) 9A leading from start to finish and never looking like losing to their opposition Waikato Diocesan 9A1.

They led by 10 goals at half time and won 45 goals to 16.

Overall is was a smooth flowing and fast paced game with some nice phases of play.

Secondary Schools Championship results:
Senior 1A: Winner – Waikato Diocesan Senior Development, R/U – Te Awamutu College Open Premier; Senior 2A: Winner – Ngaruawahia Panthers, R/U – MLV Open A; Senior 3A: Winner – HCS Premier, R/U – HGHS Senior A; Senior 4A: Winner – HGHS Senior 1, R/U – HGHS Senior Phoenix; Senior 5A: Winner – Huntley College Senior Development, R/U – HGHS Senior 2; Senior 6A: Winner – Fraser HS Senior A, R/U – HGHS Senior Shooters; Year 10 Pool 1A: Winner – CHS Junior Premier; R/U – HGHS 10A; Year 10 Pool 2A: Winner – Te Kopuku High Tuakana 1, R/U – Fraser 10A; Year 10 Pool 3A: Winner – Tai Wananga Teina, R/U – Waikato Diocesan 10A3; Year 10 Pool 4A: Winner – St Peters 10B, R/U – RHS 10 Silver; Year 10 Pool 5A: Winner – Hillcrest 10A2, R/U – HGHS Wildcats; Year 9 Pool 1A: Winner – HGHS 9A, R/U – Waikato Diocesan 9A1; Year 9 Pool 2A: Winner – Fraser HS 9A, R/U – RHS 9A; Year 9 Pool 3A: Winner – St Peters 9B, R/U – RHS 9 White.

Overall a successful day and season for secondary schools competition. At prize giving the players, supporters, coaches, managers, umpires and volunteers were thanked.

An acknowledgement and congratulations was also extended to Hamilton Girls High School on their 5th place ranking in A grade at the Upper North Island Secondary School Championships at Mount Maunganui last week.

This qualifies Hamilton Girls High School to participate in the upcoming NZ Secondary Schools Regional Tournament in October.