Natural Cleaning Tips

As consumers move towards a more natural, or back to basics approach to living there is increasing demand for free-range or organic and greener, chemical free products.

But you needn't necessarily need to seek out costly more "natural" alternatives from your local supermarket. Many of the cleaning products our grandparents used were simple, safe, non-toxic, natural & affordable kitchen basics. If you switch to natural cleaning products, you can save time, money & reduce environmental exposure to (often unnecessary) nasty chemicals.

If you don't already have these simple solutions for natural cleaning your home, you can easily find them in your nearest supermarket.
Baking Soda
Hydrogen Peroxide
White Vinegar
Natural Ground Salt
Baking soda is a very versatile cleaner & gentle but effective bleach that can be used on almost any surface without damage.


Oven Cleaning
Why use nasty chemicals, when you can combine baking soda & water to make a paste that is easily applied to the oven interior for no fuss cleaning. Just leave for a few hours-easy wipe off for a sparkling, shiny, chemical free oven!

Easy Scourer
Get rid of the most difficult soap scum from your taps, bath or shower with a simple a scouring powder. Just combine 2 parts baking sioda to 1 part fine ground salt & 1 part Borax.

Cleaning Toilets Without Scrubbing
Dump a cup of baking powder into the toilet. Leave for 60 minutes. Add a cup of white vinegar & flush after 5 minutes. Save on hard scrubbing.

Oven Extractor Vents
The removable vents get caked in oil & grease as the extract vapours during cooking or frying. Its easy to clean them when you know how! Get a largest pot fill with water & bring to the boil-very slowly add half a cup of baking soda SLOWLY as it will fizz very vigorously! Remove pot from heat & dip the vents in the water. The grease & fat will separate from the vents for easy removal before using a final rinse of hot water.
Vinegar is cheap & a very effect cleaner, cooking ingredient & preserving agent for around the home. It's also environmentally friendly & fuss-free to store for long-term use. Distilled vinegar can be used to clean fixtures in your kitchen & bathroom, removing odours, stains & spills from carpets - even cleaning your windows!

Clean Your Floors
Vinegar is a safe to use (diluted) on wax / polish free floors for cleaning & shining. Just add approximately 2oo millilitres of vinegar to every 3 litres of warm water before mopping.

Clean Your Surfaces
You can clean counter tops & your appliances quickly & easily. Just spray on the surface & with a soft, clean rag or paper towel - wipe away!

Clean Out Your Washing Machine
Just add approximately 200 millilitres of vinegar to an empty washing cycle to remove powder residue.
Chrlorine bleach used for disinfecting and whitening is not as safe to use as hydrogen peroxide (which is readily available in supermarkets & pharmacies everywhere).

Another alternative to conventional bleach is lemon juice which is a natural whitener. Lemons or other citrus such as oranges also make for a great infusion into your vinegar based cleaner. Simply fill a jar with undiluted white vinegar & lemon, lime or orange peels. Strain the vinegar after 14 days for a fresh citrus styled cleaner. It can be diluted for floors, disinfecting surfaces or to be used as a window cleaner.


There are many more natural household cleaners, stored away in your kitchen cupboards. Why not give them a try today!