Four Taranaki hockey players have been selected for an international series.

Anna Crowley (19), Casey Crowley (21), Hope Ralph (19) and Holly Pearson (21) are travelling to Canberra next month to play in the New Zealand Under 21 Women's team at the tri-series against Australia and India.

Taranaki Hockey executive Denise Hill says Taranaki Hockey is proud to have four players selected.

"They're an inspiration to other players to know they've come from a smaller region."


Anna has represented Taranaki in a range of Under 11 to under 18 hockey teams. She says she loves the game.

"Hockey is a lot of fun, you're always moving and something is always happening."

Representing her country is a real achievement she says, and she is pleased to be sharing the honour with other Taranaki players.

"It's really cool. The four of us have gone through the age group hockey teams together and now we're representing both Taranaki and our country."

From l-r: Casey and Anna Crowley.
From l-r: Casey and Anna Crowley.

Casey is Anna's cousin and is also pleased to be selected.

"It's quite exciting, it's a great group of girls and it's awesome being able to represent New Zealand and play alongside Anna."

Hope says she is looking forward to putting on the kit and playing the first game.

"I'm grateful for the opportunity and feel privileged to put on the uniform and represent New Zealand against Australia and India.


"It shows if you put in the hard work you get where you want to. We've all put in the effort and trained hard, and it's hard work paying off. It's pretty cool we've come from a smaller region rather than a bigger region."

Holly says she has always liked playing hockey as she likes playing for a team.

"It's great to share your wins and losses with a team. It makes it easier."

She says she is excited to play alongside three of her friends who are also from the Taranaki region.

"Hope is one of my best mates and it's exciting to play in the same team as her. It shows working hard pays off."