Two rugby teams that share the same name but are hundreds of kilometres apart are about to meet on the pitch.

A friendly game of rugby between Toko, Taranaki and a team from the South Island's Toko in Milton will take place next month, in the hope of building a permanent link between the two teams.

John McBride is a familiar face on the sidelines of the Taranaki Toko's matches, and over the years he has been a player, a captain and a coach for the team.

He says the two clubs had contacted each other many years ago after realising their teams had the same name.


"The Toko of the South team said they wouldn't mind coming up and meeting the Toko of the North. It was meant to happen a few years ago but things cropped up so it is finally happening now."

John says the rugby game will be friendly, with the main aim of building a relationship between the two teams.

"Everyone talks about sister cities so why can't there be a relationship between Toko of the North and Toko of the South?"

President of the Taranaki Toko rugby team, Neville Hurley, says he is hoping the rugby match will be the start of an annual event.

"This will give both communities something to look forward to and it promotes country rugby as well. The locals are pumped."

Paul Black, coach and secretary for the South Island team, says a number of years ago, the South Island Toko team discovered the North Island Toko team and are now looking forward to seeing their skills on the pitch. The match has been named "The King of Toko" and he says he is sure both teams will give it their all.

"This game is about fun, comradeship, developing a close relationship between the two teams and building ties between the islands."

Paul says both the rugby teams are grassroots country clubs.


"We are two grassroots country clubs with the same name coming together."

■ Toko v Toko: Toko Domain (Taranaki) 1pm, August 3. All welcome.