The Stratford Stormers Stockcar team have gone back to back, and again won the New Stockcar Teams Champs.

The team won the event for the first time last season in Auckland, giving them hosting rights for this season's event so they were able to compete in front of their home crowd.

After Friday night's racing was washed out before it began with consistent rain, the meeting was condensed into a one-day affair on Saturday. The new format meant the qualifying session of racing took part in the afternoon, then a three-hour break to give the crews time to repair the cars, before the finals started at 7pm.

Thirteen teams fronted to contest the championship from throughout the country including two who made the long haul up from the South Island - The Greymouth Grizzles and Canterbury Crushers.


Eight teams from the qualifying session progressed to the finals and the Stormers were at the top of the list after winning both their races against the Wanganui Vulcans and the Baypark Bulldogs.

The Stormers then went on to beat the Kihikihi Crusaders in the quarter finals, the Gisborne Gladiators in the semi-finals and then faced the Palmerston North Pumas in the final.

The final race was a brutal affair with a red light stop before even one lap had been completed to remove Puma driver Kyle Lampp's car which was wedged on the wall in turn two.

On the restart, Stormer driver Tyler Walker took command of the lead. Soon after Hadyin Barker (Stormer) delivered a massive hit on Puma driver Luke Miers and was then himself slammed by another Puma driver, his car bursting into flames, ending his race and causing another stoppage.

On the restart, Bevan Phillips had Puma David Lowe on his bonnet but couldn't quite tip him over, while Stormer driver Mark Duthie was parked in the turn four wall, unable to restart his car.

With just a couple of laps to go, Phillips set about protecting Walker who was still circulating in the lead, and on the last lap Duthie managed to fire up his car and block in the last Puma obstacle between Walker and the chequered flag.

To the delight of the large crowd, Walker crossed the line with Phillips close behind, securing a very popular victory for the home town team.

The entire Stratford Stormers team raced well all weekend. Their crew worked hard to keep the cars on the track.


Manager John Booker was very happy with the team's performance and victory.

"Tactics play a big part in racing. Our drivers are all very dedicated and can start anywhere on the grid which certainly helps them to be at the top level.

"To defend that title at home was just awesome. We've been so far to get it. The drivers battled hard to win and well deserved the victory. The crews are as dedicated as the drivers and work very hard to keep the cars going and the support from the local supporters was just amazing," he said.