The Stratford Scrappers Superstock team finished fourth at the Superstock teams champs that were held in Palmerston North over the weekend.

A record 14 teams entered the event and faced qualifying on Saturday night before the finals took place on Sunday.

The team — Mitch Vickery, Paul Johnson, Carl Shearer, Gary Johnson and Blair Johnson — won their first race against the Rotorua Rebels on Saturday night.

The Rebels were leading the race but a late race hit by Carl Shearer on Rotorua driver Lance Ashton stopped him in his tracks allowed the Scrappers to take the lead and they secured victory.


The team came close to beating the favoured Palmerston North Panthers in their second race after leading for a large portion of the race but the Panthers eventually eliminated the leading Stratford driver.

The points the Scrappers accrued was enough for the team to race in tier two on the second night.

The best finishing position they could possibly get was third as the highest points scoring team from tier two would race the highest points scoring losing team from tier one for third and fourth.

The Scrappers demolished the Wellington Wildcats in their tier two race and recorded maximum points when no Wellington cars finished the race.

Gary Johnson brutally smashed Wellington driver Shane Davis into the turn three wall which eliminated him from the race.

Soon after, another Wellington driver, Hilton Parker, was rolled over.

Wellington drivers Keegan Levien and Richard Gaskin both parked on the infield with damage leaving the Scrappers to circulate on their own for the remainder of the race.

The Scrappers faced defending champions the Hawkes Bay Hawkeyes in the race for third and fourth and looked to have the race under control from the start with Mitch Vickery running at the front of the field while the remainder of the team were doing a superb job blocking the opposition.


Vickery was suffering from a gearbox that was stuck in top gear and a jammed throttle which forced him to run the high line and the wall but it was working until his car 'let go' when his brakes couldn't hold him back any longer in the later stages of the race and he spun.

He recovered quickly but Randall Tarrant from Hawkes Bay had already passed him for the lead and the Scrappers were unable to stop him as he raced to a win for his team.

It was a good meeting for the Scrappers who showed a lot of potential and provided some of the more entertaining races over the two nights.

Mitch Vickery was outstanding and proved that as well as been fast, he is also a thinking driver who has the ability to read the opposition drivers during the race.

The result is something that can be built on for next season and if the core of the team is able to stick together, the results can only get better, organisers said.

After a three-week break, racing will resume at Stratford Speedway on Saturday night.

The feature event will be the Independent Wrap New Zealand Minisprint Championship which will see more than 20 competitors race in qualifying heats before taking part in the one race final that will decide the New Zealand Champion.

Supporting events include the Taranaki Saloon Champs and Stockcar Soccer.