Caravans were smashed and cars rolled at the Stratford Speedway on Saturday night.

A large crowd gathered to watch the Hydraulink Taranaki Central Taranaki Superstock and Midget Champs, Modified City of New Plymouth Classic and the Caravan Derby.

Mitch Vickery, who won the Gary Adamson Memorial Trophy earlier in the month, raced with speed to win the Taranaki Superstock title. Vickery was in good form and set up his car to gain traction on the slick track, winning two out of the three races.

Vickery won the Taranaki title by a five-point margin from his nearest rival, Hamish Booker, who finished in second place overall.


Nik Kiser had a good night and came home in third place.

Vickery was happy with the win but surprised that no one targeted him in the third heat.
"I was expecting to have a lot more people challenging me in the final after mixing it up last week to win the Adamson Memorial. This is the one trophy I wanted to win this season as it is one of the more sought after club trophies."

Jimmy Greenhough was the most consistent driver in the 11-car Midget class. He won the Taranaki champs after finishing second in all three place and the consistency secured his spot on the top of the podium and ensured that his name will be etched on the trophy for the first time in its 17-year history.

Greenough is a top competitor who is often near the front of the field and with luck going his way on the night he came home a well-deserved winner. Chris Bagrie finished in second place, one point behind Greenough while Michael Kendall was third.

Former New Zealand Modified Champion John Jackson was in top form and recorded two seconds and a first place in the nine car field to win the Modified City of New Plymouth Classic. Blair Luscombe was second after recording a first and two fourth places while current New Zealand ranked number one, Richard Pierce was third.

A large field of 32 stockcars raced, with wins going to Mason James, Shane Denham and Kylee Symes, the latter running another car up the wall to claim the victory on the last lap.
There was a lot of action within the class, including a spectacular roll over by Andrew Dodunski in Race two.

Saloon race wins went the way of Jarrod MacBeth, Daniel Hinton and Craig Korff while Shaun Dickie won two races in the Minsiprint class and Lydia Dickinson the other.

A destructive Caravan derby ended the night's events. Thirteen competitors destroyed each other's cars and trailers in only six laps. Matt Hill won the event after his car was the last one mobile that still had a drawbar and axle attached behind it.