The tables were turned on Saturday as the McDonald Stratford football team suffered their biggest loss of the season at the hands of Hawera.

It was a game where Hawera dominated in both halves, reversing what has been the norm in Stratford's previous encounters with them.

Stratford had a major problem with injuries and player availability, which meant the field was not the usual, however that was no reason for the huge loss. The main contributing factor was once again Stratford mentally imploding.

There was still some flashes of inspiration and controlled possession but these were either shut down or forced out of play by a controlled Hawera.


At half time Hawera were 4:0 up and looked as fresh as ever.

In the second half Stratford seemed to gain a little composure and new player Josh Roberts was able to put the ball past Hawera's keeper.

Defensively they started to hold the line with more unity but the niggling and internal fighting still had a detrimental effect and Hawera were able to score three more. The end, when it mercifully came, saw Hawera take the game 7-1

With only one game left in the season to go McDonald Stratford need to seriously rethink their approach to being a few goals down when they face off against Charrua Kaponga next Saturday at 12:45.

- The Stratford Dairymaster U13 team had an evenly matched battle against the FDMC Cardinals on Saturday, one that saw them produce some quality football.

While they started off a little sluggishly once they found their rhythm they started to move the ball around with some thought and intention. Challenging for the ball and making use of the wings enabled them to use their possession and attack the opposition goal.

FDMC had the same game plan and Stratford's defence worked hard in muddy conditions to limit their opportunities and possibilities. In the end FDMC took the game 4-2 but Stratford Dairymaster could hold their heads up knowing they gave it their all.