On Sunday, January 10, the Coastal Adult Riding Club held a Show Jumping day at the Hawera Pony Club grounds.

David Schumacher (Stratford) was the judge for the jumping and Maureen Drylie (Eltham) judged the obstacle course, which was a useful practice for members of the team going to the North Island Teams Event at the end of January.


-T.A.M.3- 40cm


Kath Lambourn (Millennium Lady) Hawera 1, Paula Murray (Stevie) Hawera 2, Clare Dravitski (Mr. O'Rielly) Stratford 3, Caitlyn Robinson (Panda) Opunake 4.

-T.A.M.3- 50cm

Stella Moore (Ellie) 1, Kath Lambourn (Millennium Lady) 2, Clare Dravitski (Mr. O'Rielly) 3, Leeann Clement (Ginger Kiss) Hawera 4.

-T.A.M.3- 60cm

Donna Bunyan (Shadow) Stratford 1, Jenny Robinson (Wally) Opunake 2, Leeann Clement (Ginger Kiss) 3, Stella Moore (Ellie) 4.

-T.A.M.3- 70cm

Jade Egan (Blondie) Stratford 1, Sabria Rasmussen (Celebrity) 2, Donna Bunyan (Shadow) 3, Lara Williams (Sox) Stratford 4.

-Take Your Own Line

Jade Egan (Blondie) 1, Donna Bunyan (Shadow) 2, Stella Moore (Ellie) 3.

-T.A.M.3- 80cm

Tina Egan (Rescue) Stratford 1, Thea Willemsen (Kirkwood Footlight) 2, Anna-Lee Innes (Miss Chief) Stratford 3, Emillie Husillos (Cisco) 4.

-T.A.M.3- 90cm

Cloe Thompson (Spotcheck) 1, Fiona Fredrickson (Mr Carter) Inglewood 2, Ashley Johnston (Vee) 3, Emillie Husillos (Cisco) 4.

-T.A.M.3- 1.00m

Keelah Mitchell (Dino) 1, Thea Willemsen (Kirkwood Footlight) 2=, Lara Williams (Sox)2= Holly Bonnar (Amani) 2=.

-T.A.M.3- 1.10m: Lara Williams (Sox) 1, Keelah Mitchell (Dino) 2, Holly Bonnar (Amani) 3.

Gambler's Stakes: Glenda Schumacher (Diego) 1, Fiona Fredrickson (Mr Carter)2= Tina Egan (Rescue) 2=.

Obstacle Course: Anna-Lee Innes (Miss Chief) 1=, Kath Lambourn (Millennium Lady) 1=, Wendy Pulman (Luka) 3, Lily Moore (Kody) 4.