High water use, low river flows and continuing dry conditions have led to a ban on using water outdoors in both Inglewood and Okato while the rest of the district is asked to remain Wai Warriors to help save water.

The ban means residents can't use water in their gardens or for cleaning windows or cars and comes as the towns' waters sources, the Mangatete and Ngatoro streams, continue to run very low.

New Plymouth District Council data for the week ending February 2 reveals while Inglewood's use is the same as last year, figures show the town had just 50mm of rainfall in January. That's 37 per cent of the average monthly rainfall for the township.

"We need substantial rain over a decent period before the streams' flows will rise again. With the long-range forecast predicting just a few showers coming our way it's vital that Okato and Inglewood residents stop using water outdoors so we can conserve water," says NPDC Infrastructure Manager David Langford.


David says the low levels in the Ngatoro stream are leading to a big rise in algae in the stream which affects the taste of water in Inglewood.

"It's another key reason why residents should be Wai Warriors and cut down their water use.

"For everyone else in the district, water restrictions mean using only hand-held hoses on the odds and evens system – no sprinklers, irrigation systems or unattended hoses are allowed. Even so, we encourage all of NPDC's water customers to reduce their water consumption as summer continues."