A married couple were able to flee their home as a fire ripped through their Stratford home this morning.

The couple were able to rescue some possessions and their vehicles as Fire and Emergency NZ battled the blaze in Regan St.

Home owners Murray and Beth Purvis said they were still in bed but awake when a smoke alarm activated.

He found what he believed to be the source of the blaze by a light switch in the garage.


"I have a good fire extinguisher so used it. I thought I had got the fire out but it had already got into the roof cavity and I couldn't get to that."

The couple were able to grab some clothes and Murray moved the vehicles out.

Beth said their security alarm company called them and checked if they needed help.

"They called the fire brigade for us."

The couple has lived in Regan St for 50 years, first in the house next door, which they still own, then in their current house which they built 40 years ago.

"We've just spent a whole lot doing things to the house, but nothing electrical."

The couple said they were relieved to be out safely and grateful for the quick response by emergency services.