Keeping children safe on the roads is important, says Di Gleeson of the Central Taranaki Safe Community Trust.

Having children correctly secured in an appropriate car seat for their age and size is a key part of this she says, so the trust has recently donated six brand new car seats to the local police station and the team at Tūtaki Youth Inc.

Both groups now have a capsule for newborns, a car seat for children aged up to five and a booster seat for older children.

Deborah Clough, deputy chair of the Central Taranaki Safe Community Trust, says the seats means children can be transported safely when needed.


"We saw a need in the community for this, and providing the six seats to the two groups means we can help ensure children are safely transported when needed."

Senior Sergeant Allan Whaley says the car seats will be well used in police cars.

"We are very grateful for the donation as it means we can safely move children when needed. Having car seats available to our officers will help them keep the youngest members of our community safe."

Gemma Walker, youth social worker at Tūtaki Youth Inc says she and her colleagues are very appreciative of the donation of car seats.

"It helps us when we want to go and pick up children to come to activities at the centre, as well as being able to use car seats if we are helping a parent attend important appointments and they need to bring their children with them. "

Di says as well as donating the six car seats, the trust is also helping parents and caregivers with the cost of car seats.

"We are offering people the opportunity to claim up to $100 cash-back on new car seat purchases. We want to make sure all children are as safe as they can be when they are in a car on our roads."

To find out more about the cash-back scheme, visit the Central Taranaki Safe Community Trust website.