Last year the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibited guitars featuring Eddie Van Halen's Frankenstein, Eric Clapton's Blackie and other legendary instruments.

At the Fenton Street Arts Collective there will be some equally special instruments on display from this Friday in an exhibition called "Rustic Riff".

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The exhibition showcases the unique, upcycled guitars of artist Richard Hide.


Richard began upcycling everyday items into working guitars on a whim he says.

"I took a joke as a serious challenge and proved a working guitar can be created from a toilet seat."

It's not just toilet seats Richard has turned into working guitars since then. He has repurposed beer crates, cigar boxes and even a bed warmer into working musical instruments.

Richard says they range from three-strong to genuine electro-acoustic guitars and not only do they all work, but they are all "huge in fun".

Richard will be demonstrating just how in tune his artistic talent is at the exhibition opening on Friday, when he plays some of the guitars on display.

All guitars are for sale.

Rustic Riff opens at the Fenton Street Arts Collective on Friday at 5.30pm.