Past students from Eltham Primary Eltham Catholic, Mangamingi and Rawhitiroa schools will be taking part in The last Tango in Eltham.

The event is a school reunion for old students of the three schools to rekindle friendships with their old school mates.

Event organiser Ian Baxter says the idea came to him after the Eltham School reunion in 2011.

"Those who had missed out wished they had gone and people started talking about having another one. I thought I'd give it a go."


Ian was at Eltham Primary School in the 1960s, his last year at the school was 1964. He says the reunion is aimed at pupils who attended the schools around the 1960s.

"The 2011 reunion was organised by the Eltham School. This is the first event I've organised."

Ian says he is organising the event as it could be the last chance past pupils of the school will be able to catch with their classmates.

"Unless someone else organises an event, chances are this is the last opportunity to see classmates as the next reunion held by the Eltham School is planned for 2036."

Ian says he has many fond memories from growing up in Eltham.

"Each year around Christmas there was a Salvation Army truck that would drive around Eltham. The people on the back would sing Christmas carols.

"One year my father volunteered to drive the Salvation Army truck, so my friends and I hopped on the back and sung Christmas carols. It was a truly magical moment."

Ian says his favourite subjects while he was at the school were English and maths.


"I also did a lot of reading."

Ian says he is looking forward to seeing his old school friends at the reunion.

"We have tried to keep the ticket prices low so people can attend.
"It's the chance to revisit an earlier, happier time."

■ The Last Tango in Eltham takes place on Saturday, January 25 in 2020. Tickets are $25 with 160 tickets available. For more information visit the Eltham, Rawhitiroa and Mangamingi 1960s Facebook page.