Re-usable bags and coffee cups are likely to be among the best sellers in the Daffodil Day merchandise selection this year, says Raewyn Rooney.

Raewyn is chair of the Stratford Daffodil Day committee and every year she also looks after all the merchandise sold as part of the Daffodil Day fundraising.

This year, she says she expects the re-usable bags to be particularly popular.

"Now supermarkets require people to bring their own bags with them, I think people will see these as really useful to have. I use the one I bought last year a lot, and know they are really hardwearing."


Brightly coloured mesh veggie bags are also for sale this year.

"Supermarkets also encourage you to bring your own veggie and fruit bags, and these mesh ones are perfect for that."

Re-usable coffee cups are also available this year, and again Raewyn expects them to be a popular item.

"They make a nice gift, so many people get takeaway coffees, and a lot of the coffee places offer a discount on your hot drink if you bring your own mug. Buying one is a great way to do something positive for the environment as well as supporting Daffodil Day."

As well as at the merchandise stall on the day and a pop-up shop earlier on, the mugs will also be sold at Azure Cafe and Inkpot Cafe.

Raewyn says there are plenty of old favourites back this year.

"The pegs are always popular, so we made sure to get them again. Of course, hanging out your washing to dry is better than using a dryer when it comes to the environment and your power bill!"

Every year, a new teddy bear is released, and this year he is called Simmons. Raewyn says the bears are popular with young and old.


"Some people love them as gifts for children, but there are also plenty of people who collect them each year."

As well as a range of official Daffodil Day products such as the bears, bags, cups, t-shirt and powerbanks, there are also plenty of locally produced, unique items for sale as well.

"We have heat packs made from a lovely daffodil-patterned fabric this year, some pure wool knitted beanies and knitted brooches. We are very fortunate in Stratford to have so many talented people willing to give their time and talent to helping us fundraise."

As well as having merchandise for sale on Daffodil Day itself at the lunch in the War Memorial Centre, Raewyn says a pop-up shop will also be open earlier in the week.

"We will have a stall outside Dimocks on Broadway on the Wednesday, just two days before Daffodil day. So people can get in early and beat the rush."

Raewyn says every year they make sure the range of items for sale will appeal to all tastes and pockets.

"We have all sorts of great gifts such as luggage labels, notebooks with a pen inside, badges etc that are good for the hard-to-buy for people in your life. With prices starting at $2, I think everyone can find something to suit and not only get themselves a bargain, but also know they are supporting a great cause."