A Hāwera woman and a group of volunteers will be preparing, cooking and serving a meal for the Hāwera community.

Shona Bosson approached the group 4 the iwi with the idea to cook a meal for the Hāwera community - Shona's Shout.

The group of volunteers prepares a meal every fortnight for the community. Marris Collins, one of the volunteers, says they are grateful and overwhelmed that Shona and the volunteers will be providing a meal.

"Shona mentioned this would be a good time for our current volunteers to sit down and also enjoy a meal with the community."


Shona says that while she struggles herself, she helps people in the community.

"I run a small group myself where I provide clothes, furniture and food parcels. I only give out food parcels when I am certain the families have not received any other help."

Shona will be paying for all the food herself.

"I set away a little money each week to help the people in my community. Shona's Shout will be costing $120."

Shona says that by helping 4 the iwi, she hopes to also help to build up the numbers of people who attend their dinners.

"I'm trying to get people to realise there is no embarrassment in attending a community meal."

Shona says she sees a need in the community for weekly community dinners.

"No one should feel like they can't go as these dinners are for anyone and everyone from all walks of life. 4 the Iwi needs a big congratulations for what they are doing and the time they are dedicating to our community."


Shona will be helped by four other volunteers on the day.

"Without the help of the volunteers, I would have not been able to put the meal on."

■ Shona's shout will be held on July 27 6-8pm at the Hāwera Presbyterian Centre. 4 the iwi is hosting a seafood selection meal on July 13 at the Hāwera Presbyterian Centre.