It's been a very busy six months for us at Central Taranaki Safe Community Trust (CTSCT) as we are well into our projects for the year.

We have just finished April Falls, in which we provided a 50 per cent discount off selected items to prevent falls in and around the home.

In May we celebrated Pink Shirt Day where we provided pink shirts to every single student at both Stratford High and Taranaki Diocesan Schools as an anti-bullying message.

The team also held our Safe Day recently, which focused preventing crime with two free services. With Safer Plates we installed an anti-theft screw into licence plates while in Safer Tools we engraved details onto tools so they can easily be identified in the case of theft.


This month we are continuing with our Safe Friends Luncheons. These are our opportunity to engage with our community's youth. We focus on teaching them about farm and rural safety with the help of Subway Stratford, Senior Constable Jono Erwood of the Stratford Police and Bluelight. This month we will visit pupils at Toko and Midhirst Primary Schools.

Our newest project, Winter Safety, which finishes at the end of June, is all about reducing the risk of fire in your home this winter by having your winter heating essentials checked for free. Take your heaters, dehumidifiers and electric blankets into Betta Electrical, Broadway South this month.

Also be on the look out for our Kids in Cars project coming up which looks at providing a cash back discount of up to $100 for families purchasing a new car-seat or booster seat.
They are eligible for the cash back if they then have it installed by one of our qualified car-seat technicians.

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