Stratford District councillors have recommended sports clubs not be exempt from water restrictions.

The Policy and Services Committee members heard a submission from Avon Bowling Club representing Stratford Avon Bowling Club, Stratford Croquet Club, Stratford Cricket Club and Stratford Golf Club.

Bowling Club member John Sextus asked Council to exempt the clubs from water restrictions so they can water their greens to prevent damage.

He said last season the bowling club had to purchase water from the fire brigade to water their greens, at a cost of $850.


"It is a large amount of money for a small club."

John said he found it idiotic that the water from the fire brigade was taken from the same supply the water restriction was trying to protect.

Mayor Neil Volzke asked if the club could store their own water tank, or if there was any space to create a facility.

John said for the amount of times the clubs use water, it seems unjustifiable to purchase a tank.

Mayor Volzke agreed it was ironic the water the club purchased was taken from the same source protected by restrictions.

Director of Assets Victoria Araba said there will be provisions within the final Water Supply Bylaw that will allow Council to address this issue.

The club could not be exempt from water restrictions as exemptions only apply to maintaining the health of people and animals.

She said the council is only responsible for the water from the water supply to people's taps and any matters, including exemptions, are under Taranaki Regional Council's jurisdiction.


Mayor Volzke advised the clubs to approach the Regional Council for an exemption, and said he would see what Stratford Council could do in the meantime.

Maria Cashmore, Te Runanga ō Ngāti Ruanui Trust Environmental Advisor, said effective pre-consultation had not been undertaken.

"We received the draft bylaw on February 25 and were asked to provide our feedback on February 29 after the council had adopted the draft on February 26."

Ms Araba said engagement with iwi started on February 19 before the draft went to Council on February 26 to be adopted for public consultation.

She said the time frame given to iwi was adequate, but would contact them to discuss future consultation.

Ms Cashmore said the Trust wanted to ensure the waterway would be protected as it is a significant river to iwi.

Protection of the river is controlled by Taranaki Regional Council.

The bylaw will come into effect on August 1.