When the doors of Stratford's Well Cafe closed for the last time last week, it was the end of an era for owner Hillary Kieft.

"I grew up in hospitality and trained in Brisbane," she says. She has spent much of her life working in hospitality.

While working as a chef has been a passion for Hillary through the years, she says closing the cafe means she can dedicate more time to her biggest passion in life - evangelism.

Hillary has just returned from the US where she trained to be an evangelist at Reinhard Bonnkes Christ For All Nations (CFAN) school of evangelism in Florida. She was one of 70 students who were chosen from all over the world.


To get there, Hillary had to raise more than $4000. She met this goal by selling firewood and cheese rolls.

"Many people blessed me financially," she says.

Hillary isn't giving up on the hospitality industry however.

She says she will be still involved in the trade, having agreed to run The Balcony restaurant, which is opening on Juliet Street.

With Hillary's evangelism plans, she says the day-to-day running of The Balcony will be left to her son, Samule, who had been working as manager of The Well Cafe until it closed.

Samule says he has inherited his mother's passion for the hospitality industry and was sad The Well Cafe closed.

"I'm upset the place closed as I had lots of good ideas, but sadly we didn't have many customers because of the many food places around. I've been here for mum since day one. She wanted a manager who knew the place and who she could trust."

"My son is very capable." Hillary says. She has enjoyed working with him at The Well Cafe and is pleased they can still work together at The Balcony.


Balancing evangelism with working at The Balcony will, says Hillary, be easy.

"Evangelism is all about sowing seeds and loving people. For my husband and I, the mission field is our heart.

"My mission field at the moment is my community, helping people, serving people. It will always be my mission field while I am here.

"As a Christian I walk it out through action I'm being real and true to who I am. Not ashamed of the gospel. People don't want to see words, they want to hear proof.

"I have a call to go to the third world countries and help the children."

Hillary says she will miss the customers she met while running the Well Cafe.

"Thank you to everyone for amazing support and love over the years. I'm going to miss everyone and I hope they come to the new place."