New entrants around the country have headed off to start school over the past couple of weeks.

At Stratford Primary the youngsters have been busy settling in and getting to know their way around the school.

Five-year-old Reese Herewini says she likes "everything" about the school.

"I like sitting in the classroom and listening to my teacher. I also like going to play outside and seeing my friends."


While Reese is new to the school herself, she already knows her way around as her older brother Mason goes there as well.

"Sometimes I see Mason here and that makes me feel happy."

Lyrik Manson (5) says he has learned the important rules at school.

"You have to put your hand up to talk and you have to do the work when the teacher tells you to. It's good coming to school, especially having lunch here."

Ruby Sayer (5) says starting school has been fun.

"I like everything we do at school. My favourite part is sitting on the mat. I like my teacher and my friends."

One big drawcard at the school for five-year-old Hunter Mossman has been the chance to ride his scooter at break time.

"I can bring my scooter and ride on it. I like trying to go fast and going around the track lots of times. Sometimes we have to stop riding and go in to the classroom to do other things though. "