A large audience gathered in the Stratford High hall last Wednesday night to watch a range of performances by some of the school's students.

All the money raised from the event went to Youthline, in support of those struggling, Mrs Roberts, organiser of the event, says.

"We wanted to show support to all those struggling with bullying."

Latitia Reardon, 16, leader of an Irish dancing group who performed on the night, says she loved every minute of it.


"I felt like I was infinite on the stage and like it was just me and the group. Everything else was blocked out."

Latitia says the other performances on the night were great to watch, and covered a broad range of the arts.

"There was dancing, singing, piano solos, all sorts of different types of performance."

The audience responded to each performance with enthusiasm, says Latitia.

"Their support helped encourage myself and the rest of the group. I was really nervous immediately before, but once I started the dance, I loved it."

While the show focused on the wide range of talent from the high school students, Latitia says one performance stood out, as it featured some of the school's teachers.

"That got plenty of applause."

With students helping behind the scenes as well, plus many of them in the audience, Latitia says it was great to see how many members of the school community got involved in the concert.


With another year of high school ahead of her, Latitia is already planning her performance for next year, with a duet Irish dance planned, with her dance partner Mikayla Lehmann.

"I would love to perform once more on the stage. It really is magical especially when the audience is so supportive."