After a lot of fundraising and hard work, 26 dancers, and their accompanying chaperones, made plenty of lasting memories on their 'once in a lifetime' trip to the USA earlier this year.

The dancers were from The Dance Project, based in Stratford and led by dance teachers Hayley Old and Becky Walsh.

Their tour, organised through World Class Dance Tours, now known as "She Shines On," took the dancers to New York and Florida to participate in workshops and classes held by world-class tutors and choreographers, says Becky.

The group of dancers ready to perform at Disneyworld.
The group of dancers ready to perform at Disneyworld.

"It really gave the girls the opportunity to see where dance can take them in their life, and to learn some tips from the very best of the best in the business."


A highlight was the opportunity to dance on stage at Disneyworld, something Becky says was just as magical as she expected.

"It really was just amazing to be there, and the dancers had great fun, as well as performing there, they took part in workshops which took them through the Disneyworld audition process."

While they were rehearsing at DisneyWorld, the group were surprised when Goofy joined them on stage.

"That was just so funny, seeing him dancing with the girls." The group also fitted in lots of sightseeing to ensure the trip was unforgettable for them all.

"We went to the Empire State Building at sunset, we saw heaps of shows on Broadway. Every day came with something new and exciting."

Becky says the group couldn't have made the trip without the support they received from the community over nearly two years of fundraising.

"I think we have done every type of fundraising possible, from putting on shows and cabarets, to cooking sausages and helping out at events. The girls all worked really hard for this trip and we thank everyone who supported us."

To see some of the Dance Project's USA set and dance high lights from their trip, they are performing as part of Studio 2's end of year show Destination Unknown. at the Kings Theatre on Saturday, December 15 at 11am and 7pm.