The youngsters at Gr8Kidz Childcare and Learning Centre in Stratford are thrilled to have their scarecrow friend back after he went on an adventure last week.

Yvonne Mestrom, a preschool teacher at the centre, says the WallE the scarecrow robot had been made by herself, her husband Peter and the children at Gr8 Kidz for the Stratford Scarecrow Trail.

"One of the teachers at the centre had the idea to make a WallE-themed scarecrow for the trail, then Peter and I put the frame or main parts together, and the children then were able to get involved in finishing it off. They enjoyed being part of making WallE."

At some point over the weekend of November 3-4, WallE went missing however.


"When people came to church on Sunday, they saw he was missing. So it must have happened sometime between the Saturday afternoon when he was last seen to Sunday early morning."

WallE's photo was shared on social media, along with an appeal for WallE to come home.
"We were thrilled when he came back to us on Wednesday. A couple of people called in to the centre and said they had found him at their place so they returned him to us."

On Friday, WallE was back with the children at Gr8 Kidz, enjoying plenty of love and attention after his adventure.

"I think he was playing hide and seek with us." Kaitlyn Buckland (4) says she thinks WallE was playing a game and had found a really good hiding spot nearby.

"I like that he came back to stay with us again though. I missed him."

Bentley Walker-Togisia (4) says he thinks WallE either hid in a hole somewhere or went on a holiday.

"But not on a plane, just somewhere else near us. Maybe he had ice-cream to eat when he was away."