A song which took a Taranaki musician only 20 minutes to write has shot to top place on the New Zealand iTunes rock chart.

Joss Bines, who is Laconic Zephyr's lead vocalist and bass guitarist, sat in her lounge to write the track which was recorded in New Plymouth before being released earlier this year.

The "real Kiwi rock/pop" tune summer tune, Cools You Down, is now getting radio play and has been downloaded thousands of times.

"We were buzzing when we found out - really excited - it's one of those things - it's amazing when the right song just happened. I just knew it when I wrote it that it was going to be a No 1 hit."


Joss says as far as she knows, Laconic Zephyr is the first band in Taranaki to have a No 1 hit on the chart.

Laconic Zephyr is also made up of singer and percussionist Kama Antrobus, drummer Glenn Smith, and guitarists Jason Olsson and Mark Bines (who is Joss' brother-in-law).

The band has been together for three years and has done a lot of performances in Stratford during this time, creating a big following in the district.

Cools You Down was recorded at New Plymouth's Big Bamboo Studio and produced by Auckland based producer MPhatic before being sent to the UK to be mastered by John Astley, who has produced acts including Queen, The Who and Blondie.

The band plays originals as well as covers at private functions and gigs all over Taranaki.

Joss - who formed the band - has had a long career in the industry and used to play in a band that supported acts like DD Smash and the Exponents. She has always been passionate about music, working for music companies doing sales and marketing in the past. These days she mentors children keen to learn more about music and takes singing lessons as well as writing music for the band.

"I like to inspire people when I write my songs and get a feel good factor going on. I like writing positive music and we have been building a buzz around the Taranaki scene over the last three years so people know our name and our brand."

• Cools You Down can be found at iTunes, Google Play and Spotify.