Pawsome has been set up by animal lover Cara Hayes and will be a home away from home for up to 25 cats while their owners are on holiday.

Cara says the business, situated on Mountain Rd, has been 12 months in the making and is a dream come true after she and partner Simon found the perfect property for it. The lifestyle block has a separate driveway for clients dropping off their animals and lots of space for parking.

The open air cattery is every cat's dream with a view on to a fish pond and bird aviary as well as plenty of sunny spots to lounge around and a heat pump to keep the cats warm in winter and cool in summer.

The couple built a large shed to house the cattery which also features enclosed pens with the option of the cats heading into a communal lounge complete with living room furniture, a retro radio and and an enclosed outdoor area.


Cara opened just before Christmas and already has a lot of bookings. She offers single accommodation for the felines as well as enclosures for families of cats.

A cat gate at Pawsome.Cats will be able to snuggle up next to a log fire at a new Normanby cattery.
A cat gate at Pawsome.Cats will be able to snuggle up next to a log fire at a new Normanby cattery.

"I really wanted somewhere like home for them. I know when I go away I worry about the cats."

Cara owns four cats and says it is important the cats are in a warm environment where they felt loved.

"I always wanted to work with animals so it's something I have wanted to do for years.
"I can't have it feeling stressful — I want it to be a home away from home."

She has a clipboard for owners to fill out with information about their moggies and a photo will be taken of each cat to be put on the door of their cage.

Reminders of when their cats are due for vaccinations will also be sent to owners.
"I just wanted to do things a bit differently I guess."

The cattery also has a Facebook page under the name Pawsome and gives owners the chance to see pictures of their pets while they are away.

Cara says looking after the cats doesn't always feel like work. "We enjoy spending time with them and making sure they are happy and settled in their holiday home."

Pawsome: 5883 Mountain Rd, Normanby. 06 272 8668