It seems Sam Wallace has been getting a bit of flak for his behaviour in the first few episodes of Celebrity Treasure Island.

So, like any good co-hosts, Laura McGoldrick and Toni Street read out some of the "mean tweets" he's been receiving on Twitter.

One Twitter user questioned whether or not Sammy may have had some "work done around his eyes"?

Another slammed Sam for not knowing how to button up his shirt at all while on the island.


Wallace is one of 16 local celebrities vying to win $100,000 for charity in the latest season of the reality TV show.

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Anyone else see the similarity? No? Just us? Ok... 😂

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"Just realised I don't like Sam Wallace, lol, my childhood is crushed," one Celebrity Treasure Island viewer wrote, noting Sam's rise to fame as a children's TV presenter.

Oh dear … Hopefully, Sam can redeem himself on Celebrity Treasure Island – which continues tonight at 7.30pm on TVNZ2.

This story was originally published on The Hits and republished here with permission.