Mike Puru has revealed all the details of his first kiss. And while it may have been memorable for Puru, it was an occasion substantially lacking in romance.

To celebrate joining The Hits radio station, Puru and his new fellow host Stacey Morrison made a series of fun Q&A videos to help them - and the listeners - get to know each other.

The videos, which can be watched on their Facebook page, tackle a range of topics, including their favourite karaoke songs, appearing on The Bachelor and, yes, sharing their first kiss experiences.

During the chat Puru revealed he lost his mouth virginity in front of an audience of his peers during a game of Truth, Dare or Promise.


"I always remember that," he said wistfully as he reminisced about that innocent afternoon at Waikoikoi Domain..

Stace and Mike - First Kiss

Your new way to drive home in 2019 at The Hits is with Stacey Morrison and Mike Puru... Ahead of the show launching on Monday, Stace and Mike caught up and reminisced about their first kiss

Posted by Stace & Mike on The Hits on Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Funnily enough, Morrison's first tongue dive occurred in extremely similar circumstances with a lad she described as "a fast runner".

The full video series can be watched on the duo's Facebook page and you can listen to Stace & Mike on The Hits weekdays, 3-7pm.