Max Key has taken to Instagram this week to call out social media trolls for 'fat shaming' him.

The 23-year-old DJ and son of former Prime Minister John Key, says in a post he has "copped sh*t" his "entire life and has very thick skin," but it has "really made him think."

"Growing up I was always chubby, and then hit puberty and looked like I was a rake till I was about 21," says Max, who admits that "gymming has never been a big part of his life" and he uses it "as a way to escape" and "clear his head."

After two years of progress, he says he is 18kgs heavier and a "lot stronger and happier."


"I might not be the skinny AF dude with the abs now, but I live a lifestyle where I eat whatever I want, have a few drinks every now and then and am very happy in my own skin."

"I think it's a lesson to all, especially with our bodies and Image that sometimes it's best to keep our opinions to ourselves, cause you never know what battles someone else is fighting."

Key says that he knows he "always posts shirtless photos" and is "happy to take the criticism" in return.

"Now before all the idiots come out and say that I'm always posting shirtless photos and should be happy to take the criticism, this post is nothing about me. I've copped shit my entire life and have very thick skin, and am aware of the consequences of putting yourself online."

Fans have rallied around him in support of his recent post with kind words of encouragement.

"100% the best you've ever looked."

"This is so disgusting. people in this world are ridiculous! Honestly, the amount of keyboard warriors out there is unreal."

"What the hell? You called fat!!! That's ridiculous! You are a beautiful man."

"You showing your brain now as well as your bod. This post is lit, super positive addition. bless you."

"You can never win in this world. Ignore them and carry on doing YOU."

We agree Max! Keep doing you!