Babies and blended families have been a big part of singer Anika Moa and journalist/producer Natasha Utting's relationship right from the very start.

With the couple recently welcoming their baby daughter, Marigold, we look back at where it all began for the Utting-Moas.

2013 – A bumpy take-off

Moa and Utting first met through mutual friends at a Beyonce concert in 2013 and went on a few dates together.

But having recently ended her relationship with her first wife, Azaria Universe, Moa wasn't ready to commit.


"I was dating lots of women," she told Woman's Day. "I was hurting. I was trying to heal by sowing my wild oats."

Early 2014 – The romance accelerates

By this stage, Moa had moved back to her hometown of Christchurch but stayed in contact with Utting via long conversations over the phone.

It was around this time that Utting decided she couldn't put off her dreams of being a mum any longer and went about finding a sperm donor.

She was soon pregnant with her son, Soren – and also setting up house with Moa, who had decided to move back to Auckland.

"Anika moved back to Auckland and had nowhere to live, and I was staying with friends, so we just decided to move in – sink or swim!" Utting told Woman's Day.

The couple said the first few days were hard as Moa introduced her twins from her first marriage, Barry and Taane, to Utting, but it didn't take long for the blended family to find their feet.

October 2014 – A new baby

When Utting gave birth to baby Soren, Moa was there by her side and cut the cord.

"It felt awesome," Moa said afterwards. "It's one of the best feelings in the world. I filmed the whole thing and took photos throughout. It was absolutely filthy and disgusting, but amazing at the same time."

December 2015 – Lucky undies and marriage proposals

A little over a year after Soren was born, Moa – who once swore she would never wed again – decided to take the plunge and ask Utting to marry her.

She told Woman's Day the proposal was very low-key, deciding to pop the question while sitting on the couch in her "favourite, black, lucky undies with the holes in them".

"Natasha was sitting there in her dressing gown with Soren, and I just got down on one knee and said, 'Babes, will you marry me?'"

The answer? Yes!

February 18, 2017 – "I do."

Moa and Utting went on to tie the knot in a beautiful ceremony at Auckland's Bethells Beach.

Both brides were radiant in white, with Moa wearing a dress by Miss Crabb and Utting opting for a Tanya Carlson number.

In a ceremony conducted by Jaquie Brown, the couple exchanged Meadowlark wedding rings and delighted their friends and family with their vows.

Utting reportedly told Moa: "Fans may get your signature on their bosom, but I have you tattooed on my heart. I love you."

Moa responded by saying she would "make sweet passionate love to you once a month ... if that" and would love Utting "like a crazy psycho".

August 2018 – In the baby way

The Utting-Moa family then decided to add another baby to the mix, with the couple using a Handmaid's Tale theme to announce Moa was pregnant, using the same donor who helped Utting conceive Soren.

"Blessed day! We are joyous to announce that we are expecting a child. OfNatasha is carrying the precious fruit," they both wrote on their respective Instagram pages.

February 3, 2019 – The gender reveal

Moa and Utting appeared in the magazines again, this time to reveal that after having three sons between them, their new baby was a girl.

Moa also used the announcement to talk about the trials of being pregnant.

"In the first three months, I went totally psycho and tried to leave Natasha about 17 times, yet she was so lovely," Moa told Woman's Day.

"She'd be late home from work by about five minutes and I'd be standing there with my bags packed, saying, 'You don't love me.'

"I cried every day and then suddenly at week 12, it all disappeared and I was ready to move on."

February 18, 2019 – A special delivery

Two years to the day after walking down the aisle together, Utting and Moa welcomed their daughter, Marigold Tui Grace Utting-Moa.

They made the birth announcement on Instagram, telling fans "our light and our star is here".

Ten days later, Moa was sharing her experience of being a new mum.

"The overwhelming love I have for my baby is life-changing - nothing will ever feel the same."

She also had praise for her wife saying: "[She's] my best friend and is so tender and caring with us."

Not to be outdone, Utting told her Instagram followers how proud she was of Moa.

"She's tender, attentive, devoted to our little Marigold. Healing, exhausted, but doing an amazing job."