Kiwi mum and singing star Anika Moa shared an amazing post about her experience of breastfeeding in public for the first time, and we absolutely love it.

Taking to Instagram, Anika shared in her story of how she was expecting people to berate her for publicly breastfeeding her new-born baby girl Marigold, but she was pleasantly surprised.

"Today I breastfed in public for the first time and the wind was so lovely and I felt alive," Anika wrote. "It was at a park with parents and their kids scooting and playing and no one cared and everyone let it be normal which it is."

"I was readying myself for someone to tell me to put my big fat tit away, but they didn't!"

Photo / Instagram
Photo / Instagram

Last week Anika, who is married to wife Natasha Utting-Moa, shared a heart-warming message about what she has learnt about motherhood.

"I've been a new māmā for 10 days now and here's what I've learnt," she shared on Instagram. "The overwhelming love I have for my baby is life changing – nothing will ever feel the same."

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