Have you had the urge to want to change something about your partner or friend and not quite had the guts to confront them?

Maybe it's a hairstyle, some weird old shoes they love, or even a tattoo?

Stemming off the controversial moment on Married at First Sight Australia when wife Ines's first words to her hubby Bronson were, "Take out that eyebrow piercing", the Girls On Top podcast decide to discuss it.

Brodie Kane, Caitlin Marett and Gracie Taylor discuss how to go about trying to change something physical about a love interest.


"According to Daily Mail, two-thirds of women try and physically change their partner in the first six months … the top three things they want to change are clothes, hairstyle and then smell," says Gracie.

"It would be really tricky to confront something you don't like about someone because I don't know how you deal with that, an eyebrow ring," says Brodie.

"I would actually say, 'Look, it takes away from your beautiful face,'" says Caitlin.

"Yeah - kill them with kindness!" agrees Brodie.

"Here's the thing though, where do you draw the line? Imagine if you meet someone, they are lovely, you work together sexually and all of that and then something like having an eyebrow ring happens. You are just going to have to let it go aren't you?" says Brodie.

"I think we all have to remember we all have different tastes and that's okay so I don't think we need to feel guilty for not particularly liking something. Everyone has got a different taste and different style."

"One thing everybody needs to be is hygienic. Everybody needs to brush their teeth, clean fingernails and ears," says Gracie.

"Hygiene, could you say, reflects on a person?" asks Brodie.

"100 per cent!" agree Caitlin and Gracie.

Listen to the full Girls On Top podcast below! They also discuss how to reign in your online shopping and how to stay motivated for your exercise goals.