Kiwi radio host Marcus Lush tried to break into the Newstalk ZB studio last night with a knife.

The radio host was pushed to such desperate measures after he locked himself out of the studio mid-broadcast, when he went to get a cup of coffee.

Returning to the airwaves on a nearby landline, an embarrased Lush told his dedicated listeners: "I don't quite know how to say this, but I am now on the phone.

"I went to make a cup of coffee and...I've locked myself out. My phone's in there and my car keys are in there, and I've got no idea where the spare key is, so it looks like I'll be finishing the show on the phone which is slightly upsetting."


He said he tried to break into the studio with a knife but "it's not moving". He then apologised saying "it's something that I never thought would happen. Why would you have a locked door on the studio and not tell me where the key is?"

Still, he maintained a professional attitude saying: "Onwards and upwards - I'll just have to wing it from now" and adding that his problems were nothing compared to others'.

After a fair while of evaluating all the options with his producer -which included smashing the glass, finding a locksmith, and waking up someone else to let them in - Lush took to Twitter to post a triumphant photo of the lock which he'd broken with a screwdriver.

While he was locked out for about an hour, his misfortune did provide some laughter for those listening in and posting on Twitter - including Marcus' ZB colleague, Chris Lynch.