Heartbreak Island producers have taken heed of criticism of the first series and have extended the season 2, shortened the episodes from an hour to half an hour. It's also in a later time slot so it can show some of the much-hyped bed-hopping and the cast has been culled from 16 to 12 so viewers can get more emotionally involved in their stories.

In another twist this season, the cast will select the "disruptors" (new contestants not part of the original 12) they bring into the island during the Passion Play ceremony. As well as being able to choose whether to stay or stray from the person they have been matched with, they can choose to "play".

The show will screen on TVNZ OnDemand at 6am followed by a 9.30pm televised screening on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Producers promise we'll spend more time watching the relationships form (and fall apart) as the couples are sent on more dates around Fiji so they can get to know each other.

Last night, Season 1 co-winner Harry Jowsey took to the show's Instagram channel to announce it would air on February 19. We think we will be seeing more of Jowsey on or around the show. Last month we reported that his best mate and former co-star Kristian Barbarich and former island match Ruby Mills may return as intruders.


The new reality stars on the block are there for three things, love, $100,000 and some extra social media followers.

Aptly, the contestants have been assigned a hashtag describing their personality. Most are cringeworthy.

1. Paora Porter #ThePlayer

The 21-year-old Auckland retail assistant, originally from Wellington, loves his mum. We think he earned his hashtag because he can play base, electric and acoustic guitar and found one on the island to charm the girls. Porter considers himself elegant and old-fashioned, opens doors and calls his date's parents Mr and Mrs.

2. Rosie Grant #TheSweetheart

The 22-year-old Auckland student has an IQ of more than 130 and has a history in competitive sport. She likes a guy with nice eyes who doesn't look like he's been to bed in a while, but if he is not a feminist she is not interested.

3. Helen Hewat #TheSass

The Auckland student, 21, says exes would describe her as crazy and, after a break-up, Hewat wanted a change so went blonde, moved cities and decided to apply for Heartbreak Island.

4. Alex Vaz #TheCharmer

The 25-year-old tech entrepreneur knew a few of the cast from season 1. He says he chatted with them about their experience and was told not to trust anyone. The Aucklander's first brush with fame came six years ago when he was Mr June in Cleo magazine's Bachelor of the Year competition.

5. Eden Dix #TheInfluencer

The 22-year-old from Pauanui is famous on Instagram for filming herself Kardashian style. The promotions manager flatted with Joshua Fankhauser from season 1, and subsequently got plenty of advice on how to approach the island.

The influencer used to get teased quite a bit for her name. "As I've got older I've learnt to embrace it and have fun with it. I've got a necklace with my name and often use my name as a pick-up line. After all, dix is 10 in French, which is quite fitting as I'm a 10 out of 10 — ha, jokes."

6. Ceejay Smart #TheBody

The 25-year-old fitness manager from Christchurch once had an addiction to sugary drinks and potato chips and made YouTube tutorials about Call of Duty.

7. Charice Paterson #TheGymBunny

The 23-year-old is a personal trainer and human resources co-ordinator from Rotorua, skills we are sure will be put to good use in the series. Paterson is hoping to find a guy with whom she can work out at the gym and then share her Harry Potter addiction.

8. Darius Phillips #TheLad

The 22-year-old from Christchurch is a tradie who loves being active and outdoors and is a hopeless romantic, especially if you look like Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot. But if you don't get along, he would rather hang out with his dog.

9. Lucy Timmings #TheGirlNextDoor

The 22-year-old medical student from Christchurch would like to use the prize money towards her Lime Scooter account. Timmings took a gap year from her studies and lived in Rarotonga enjoying the sun, sand and swimming. To keep that ideal life going, she applied for Heartbreak Island. If you love avocado and peanut butter and early- morning gym sessions, Timmings would welcome a DM.

10. Thibault Deprez #TheFrenchie

The 24-year-old Auckland video editor moved to New Zealand from Paris at 16 on a rugby scholarship and loved it here so much he made it home. He warns that Kiwi ladies don't get his forward French style of flirting. Deprez does not like entitled girls who are closed-minded or clingy.

11. Jasmine Waaka-Williams #TheAttitude

Not there to muck around, the 22-year-old Aucklander is in the show for the money. The professional fundraiser says it will be hard to steer her off-course with romance.

12. Sam Newell #TheBanter

The 22-year-old Auckland project manager, evidently has the gift of the gab. He is on the island to find a date for his mother's wedding. Newell has a party-boy past, has some questionable tattoos and one of his exes once hit him with a car.