We've all been caught in unwanted situations, things tend to pop up at the most inopportune times.

For 21-year-old professional surfer Griffin Colapinto, that's exactly what happened during his opening heat at the Quiksilver Pro France event.

Colapinto was in the opening heat of the day but knew he was in trouble minutes after paddling out into the ocean.

The moment struck him in the water and it was in his post heat interview where he confessed to pulling off the inappropriate act of dropping a number two in the water.


Hey, when you have to go, you have to go.

"I paddled out and there was 10 minutes left for the heat to start," Colapinto said, according to news.com.au.

"I just had a coffee and I had to go number 2 super bad. I got my 3/2 fullsuit on, (so I) paddle out the back, rip my jersey off, take my suit down, drop the kids off and I'm like, 'Oh no there's like 2 minutes until my heat starts'.

"Got all my sh*t (wetsuit) on and then when the heat started, I was filled up with water. I was all scared I was gong to stand up and be filled up with a bunch of water in my legs."

The confession from Colapinto left the commentators in stitches and had people on social media split.

Whatever the reaction, the move to lighten up before the heat clearly helped Colapinto as he went on to win the heat ahead of Japan's Kanoa Igarashi and Australia's Soli Bailey.

No word on what his opponents thought after hearing the confession.

Let's just hope the surfer, from San Clemente in California, alters his pre-heat methods and either avoids the coffee until afterwards or brings his breakfast forwards.


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