Rugby Australia is considering introducing hair-follicle drug testing in the wake of Kurtley Beale's video scandal, according to a report.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports the sport's Australian governing body is mulling a move to introduce the test to pick up traces of illicit drug use, which would create a three-month record of players.

It comes after Beale appeared in two separate videos near people who appeared to be preparing or taking a white powdered substance.

Beale was reportedly called home from a holiday in New Zealand to answer a 'please explain' from Rugby Australia.


Last night, Rugby Australia released a statement addressing the second video, saying that the 30-year-old will not be disciplined.

"As with the first video which surfaced on Monday and was recorded in 2016, Kurtley was not seen in the vision, to be involved in the use of any illicit substances," Chief Executive Raelene Castle said.

"Following this conversation, Rugby Australia has determined not to proceed with any formal disciplinary action over Kurtley's appearance in the video."

The Wallabies star apologised to his bosses after being caught up the first video earlier in the week. NRL player Corey Norman had filmed someone snorting a white substance, and Beale is recorded laughing.

Norman was fined $20,000 and suspended for eight weeks at the time after a series of indiscretions.

In the second video, the 30-year-old is filmed playing a vacuum cleaner as a didgeridoo before it pans to another man holding a plate of white powdered lines with a rolled-up piece of paper in his other hand.

The footage was reportedly taken in 2015 at a Maroubra apartment in Sydney's east with a group of people he met on a night out.

There is no evidence that Beale has done anything wrong or illegal in either video.