England cricketer Monty Panesar was left stumped on the UK's Celebrity Mastermind last night, hilariously failing to answer questions correctly in the general knowledge round.

The popular spin-bowler delivered a series of increasingly wayward answers much to the delight of viewers who took to social media to share his hopeless efforts.

Panesar, 36, who represented Sussex, Essex and Northamptonshire at county level, earned a respectable six point in his specialist subject round about the Sikh religion.

But the left-arm spinner's hopes of victory were left in ashes when he failed to muster more than one point in the following round - where he suggested the stage adaptation of Wind in the Willows was called Harry Potter.


In another question: 'Birds described as pelagic spend their lives flying over, what?' Monty wrongly offered up 'the sky', and when quizzed on the 1997 film about a group of Sheffield steel workers who become strippers, he suggested the correct answer was 'Dream Boys'.

When asked: 'In which city is the Olympiastadion, built for the 1972 Olympic games and used by Germany's national football team,' the cricketer answered 'Athens'.

And 'what is the title of the first volume of CS Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia to be published chronologically following The Magician's Nephew,' Panesar - by now in a sticky wicket - answered 'CJ Lewis'.

He passed on the following two questions, one about precious stones and the second about jazz musicians, and then when asked about a Keats poem inspired by autumn, Panesar bizarrely offered up 'Oliver Twist'.

Finally the England international was left hit for six when he suggested the city in which the popular US sitcom Cheers was set was in was in actual fact - America.

Viewers took to social media to gently mock the England international, with one student suggesting Panesar's performance made him feel better about his own exam failure that week.

Tom Cox said Panesar was 'as out of his depth as a hippo running in the Grand National', and another suggesting his appearance on the show was 'pure gold'.

Another said Monty is having 'a meltdown on Celebrity Mastermind', and Ray joked the first answer Panesar answered incorrectly was saying yes to appearing on the show.

Dan Pope said Monty's Oliver Twist offering was a 'Hall of Fame answer'.

Peter Fears said the cricketer's performance was 'incredible' adding 'I still can't get over it.'

Sam added: '1am in the morning and I'm crying with laughter looking through twitter's reaction to Monty Panesar'.