An Australian cricketer has pleaded not guilty to raping a woman as part of a sexual conquest "game" with his mates on WhatsApp.

Alex Hepburn, 23, — who played county cricket for Worcestershire in the UK at the time of the incident — is alleged to have sexually attacked the woman in a dark bedroom just moments after she had consensual sex with one of his teammates, Joe Clarke, after a night out in April 2017.

A court in the UK heard that the victim initially believed she was still in bed with Mr Clarke, who had left the room to be sick, when Hepburn is alleged to have to entered the room.

However, the court heard the victim woke up to find a man with a distinctive Australian accent — which was different to Clarke's — performing a sex act on her.


According to the BBC, a court heard a member of the public dialled emergency services after finding the woman, who cannot be identified, "distressed and crying" in the street following the alleged attack.

However, Hepburn maintains the woman was awake and had consented to having sex.

It is alleged that WhatsApp messages found on Hepburn's mobile show he was part of a "stat chat" sex contest group to record details of women its members had slept with.

A court heard members would try to have sex with as many "freshies" as they could over the English summer and they would share details, like their conquest's name, age, and "performance".

It is alleged the "winner" was able to gloat and enjoy a free night out paid for by other members.

The trial continues.