Welcome to edition 22 of the Stoked Podcast!

This week is a hard-hitting (just kidding, nothing we do is hard-hitting) code fest, it features a man that we're calling loves rugby more than any other human on the planet - Mr Nigel Yalden!

Nigel has called over 100 All Blacks test for Radio Sport and we're absolutely blessed to have him in the studio ahead of Saturday's Bledisloe battle, hosted at everyone's favourite average stadium - Eden Park.

The show rolls through as follows:


The Honey Badger, a former Wallaby winger, is changing our lives - Bachelor Australia, or shall we say Badgelor, hot takes. (3:50)

Radio Sport Rugby Editor NIGEL YALDEN talks code, code and more code. (9:46)

Shooting at people in the surf is not kosher and we're not stoked on it - here's what's been going down at an unbelievably localised Waikato surf break. (30:14)

Our weekly wrap and a classic yarn about a teenager dropping their phone on their face - it gets ugly. (35:00)

Just a wee public service announcement here: In case you didn't know we're actually coming at you with episode 22 of the series (we know you know, you're an intelligent Stoked listener), if this one tickles your fancy you can catch the backlog here.