London Former English Premier League manager Harry Redknapp has reportedly claimed some of his players bet on one of their matches.

Redknapp was filmed by undercover UK Daily Telegraph reporters discussing a match in which his players allegedly bet on themselves to win, while one of them allegedly told a football agent to "remortgage your house" because the odds were favourable.

Football Association rules prohibit players from betting on games they take part in and managers are supposed to report any such misconduct to the FA.

Redknapp is believed not to have raised the matter with the FA, the Telegraph said.


When contacted by the newspaper, Redknapp said he didn't think it was against FA rules at the time.

There is no suggestion of any criminality on Redknapp's part, or that he knew the opposition players were betting, or that he was aware his own players had bet on the match when the game kicked off, the newspaper said on Friday.

Redknapp, 69, has managed West Ham, Portsmouth, Southampton, Tottenham and Queens Park Rangers.

The Telegraph said it was not identifying the match in question, the teams involved or the players concerned for legal reasons.

This is the latest in a series of Telegraph stories into alleged corruption in English football.

Sam Allardyce left his job as manager of England on Tuesday after he was filmed discussing ways to circumvent transfer rules with undercover reporters.