If Kieran Foran decides to resume his league career in the future, arguably the most logical place to do it is in Auckland.

After all, Mt Smart Stadium is just a few kilometres from where he spent his childhood in Mt Albert and Ellerslie.

Playing league again will probably be the furthest thing from Foran's mind at the moment, as it should be. Today's news that he is set to sever ties with Parramatta and take an indefinite break from the sport is the latest chapter in an incredibly sad saga.

The 25-year-old has been through some dark times and his personal health and welfare need to be the priority. It almost feels churlish talking about Foran taking the field again, given all that has happened in the last few months.


But if he decides to return to professional sport, there are several compelling reasons why the Warriors might become the best choice for him. Firstly, rugby is not really a option for Foran, as his skill-set wouldn't fit the 15-man code. A move to Super League would also be unlikely, for both on- and off-field reasons, which means the NRL is the only realistic option.

But he wouldn't return to Brookvale, as the club made their choice with Daly Cherry-Evans and that phase has passed. Reuniting with Des Hasler at the Bulldogs would have some merit, as Hasler has had a long association with Foran, and the Roosters, with seemingly endless buckets of money and limited options in the halves, have already been touted as an option.

But there is a wider issue here. Foran might need to get away from the bad influences around him, the people who have driven him off the rails. Moving from one Sydney club to another wouldn't change anything, and neither would relocating to Brisbane or Melbourne. There is also the small matter of the drinking cultures at many Australian NRL teams, which unfortunately aren't a thing of the past.

He needs a fresh start, away from the temptations in the Australian metropolises. What better place than New Zealand, away from the frenetic Australian media and the fish bowls that Sydney and Brisbane can be?

Foran is also a proud Kiwi, one of the most committed men to wear the black-and-white V over the last decade. He had every incentive to declare allegiance to NSW and Australia as a teenager but the thought never crossed his mind. Playing for the Warriors, and helping them to achieve success, would give him a chance to leave a legacy for a nation, give a sense of purpose and a wider perspective on his league career.

And the Warriors, from a health point of view, might also be a good place to be. The club have put player welfare on top of their agenda, as they demonstrated in the sleeping pills/energy drinks sage earlier this year. The Auckland club took a front-foot stance on the issue and were prepared to sacrifice two points against the Dragons if necessary.

Several Australian clubs have faced similar issues but chosen to sweep them under the carpet, ignoring them and hoping they go away. It appears that on-field success has been prioritised at all costs, with player welfare a fair way down the list.

Foran would also be one of the final pieces in the Warriors' jigsaw and a perfect foil for Shaun Johnson in the halves. He could also be joining the club when all the ingredients, on and off the field, are coming together.

Of course, there are caveats. Would his wife and children want to live on this of the Tasman? Would it make sense for Foran to be away from his extended family? And would the Warriors be able to fit him under their salary cap?

In the meantime, let's hope Foran finds his own personal solutions - and some inner peace - soon.