Badminton New Zealand appear to be going soft on adopting the controversial Black Cocks tag for the national team.

The monicker was raised as a potential team name by Badminton NZ over a year ago as a gimmicky label to attract sponsors and fans.

Badminton NZ were expected to confirm it at a board meeting last month, but opposition from home and abroad has seen a rethink.

Badminton NZ will seek feedback from the 27 regional associations at its November annual meeting before deciding on the name, president Nigel Skelt said today.

The reaction from the associations and former players was mixed, though current team members were comfortable with it, he said.

The International Badminton Federation (IBF) had also poured cold water on the idea.

"They don't want to see the game lose its composure for the want of a gimmicky name," Skelt said.

"If you're over in China and you get introduced as the Black Cocks, it raises some issues."

When the name was raised, Badminton NZ were inundated with sponsorship offers from companies such as condom manufacturers.

Despite the opposition from within the game, Skelt said the public reaction was still positive.

"At the recent New Zealand Open, crowds were yelling out 'c'mon the Black Cocks'.

"Whether the team actually adopt the name officially, they're already known as the Black Cocks."