Former All Whites assistant coach Kevin Fallon is being investigated by the Auckland school he coaches after an allegation he made an offensive comment to a rival teenage player.

Mt Albert Grammar School has received a complaint from the father of a boy who plays for Auckland Grammar School after the premier cup final in Nelson this month.

It is alleged Fallon, 63, who has received a number of complaints in his 16 years as coach, addressed an opposing student during the game, which was won by MAGS 2-0.

MAGS principal Dale Burden, who was at the game, would not confirm what was apparently said but added that the comment was made in close range to the student.


"He's complaining that the comment made to him was inappropriate and offensive. We've talked to [Fallon] about it ... In an investigation there is a process to be followed. Everyone has to let it run its course. I know it might be interesting, a mini soap opera.

"We're bound by pretty tight employment laws. I want to emphasise the fact that we go into these investigations with an open mind and a degree of confidentiality."

Mr Burden said he was yet to speak to the student about the allegation.

"We have a policy that we talk to everyone involved, and be a little bit forensic about it. We've got to talk to adults from both sides, people have got to sign statements and so forth."

Fallon told the Weekend Herald he couldn't talk about the incident, saying: "No I can't and I won't because there is an inquiry about it all. It's all being put into perspective. I've got nothing to add at all. Write what you want."

The principal's secretary at Auckland Grammar said: "We really don't have any comments because it's not us laying the complaint."

New Zealand Secondary Schools Football chairman Malcolm Cowie said the association was not involved.

Colourful history
* September 2012: A complaint is made by a parent that he made offensive comments to a rival player
* August 2009: Banned for a season because of complaints he accused ref Alan Marriott of being biased
* September 2008: Auckland Grammar pulls out of the final with MAGS after allegations Fallon "man-handled" a player during a brawl