Law has kick for students

California Polytechnic State University has a 350-student "viticulture and enology" programme, preparing its majors for an industry critical to the state's economy, yet puritanical state law is an impediment. Many in the four-year wine-making programme must arrange for a fifth year - after they turn 21 - because, otherwise, faculty and administrators could be felons for "furnishing alcohol to a minor" when they assign students to taste their own class creations. (Source: Weird Universe)

Inked for rest of her life ...

Genuine advice sought online gets advice from That Bad Adviser.


Dear Abby, My 83-year-old mother wants a tattoo! She loves classical music and has decided to have a musical note tattooed on her shoulder. Should I institutionalise her, or chauffeur her to the local tattoo parlour? - Shocked in Garden Grove, California.

Dear Shocked, Just because it's been 83 years since your mother carried you in her womb and birthed you into this ink-besmirched hellhole that is planet Earth doesn't mean you don't have the last word on what she can do with her body and when. After all, age is no indication of maturity! Be sure to remind her that she'll have that horrid tattoo on her body for the rest of her life. (Source:

Wrong of the week

The cover of the latest issue of Vanity Fair magazine describes Prince George, who has yet to make single digits, as "the world's most eligible infant".

When is a veggie burger not one?

How to train your dragon:

"Cabin fever has truly set in in our household," declare Paula and Dave McKean. "Our son Sean always maintained that when our Beardie grew up that he'd be able to breathe fire like other dragons! He appears to have reached maturity."

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