A fishing story to dine out on ...

A monster 805lb (365kg) mako shark caught by two cousins in Florida is probably the biggest ever caught from land, but the fishermen won't be getting their names in the record books, reports the Houston Chronicle. The problem is, Joey and Ernie Polk took the shark home and ate it with 250 of their closest friends. And as the International Land-based Shark Fishing Association explains on its website, it now awards world records only for sharks that get released after being caught. "I think it's a bunch of bull," says Joey Polk, who maintains that the shark was so exhausted from the hour-long fight it would have died anyway. (Source: Newser.com)

Zipping it up for Bruno

In 2006, Bruno the bear appeared in Bavaria, the first wild bear spotted in the region for 170 years. So they hunted him down and killed him. Artist Eiko Ishizawa has commemorated Bruno's life and death with a sculptural sleeping bag shaped like Bruno's hide and head, which you climb into and zip shut. She's making a limited run, based on commissions. If you buy one, Ishizawa would like you to photograph yourself in it around the world for a gallery of the wanderings of Bruno's avatars. (Source: Boingboing.net)


Lift passengers will arrive before their stomachs

The fastest lift in the world will be installed in a skyscraper under construction in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou. The lifts will be able to reach a speed of 72km/h and take just 43 seconds to travel 95 floors up the 440m shaft. The lift is being developed by Japan's Hitachi, which says it will have brakes capable of withstanding the tremendous heat that could be generated if a malfunction occurred. (Source: Elsewhere on BBC.co.uk)

Everyday sexism is everywhere

A reader writes: "Everyday sexism is also taking your child to the doctor and being asked why their mother couldn't bring them ... Everyday sexism is going to a parent/teacher evening and having the teacher spend 95 per cent of their time addressing your partner ... Everyday sexism is taking a walk through a public park and having overprotective mothers glare at you for passing within 100m of the playground."