The 2018 Dargaville Wearable Arts extravaganza is set to bring art to life with 43 entries and three extraordinary shows.

The event will showcase creative talent with a breath-taking display of innovative, original costumes and choreography directed by notable Northland choreographer and director, Jayden Rudolph.

Mr Rudolph was co-director and chief choreographer of Art 'n' Tartan 2018 wearable art event and also assistant director, creative manager and choreographer in 2017, and will now direct the 2018 Dargaville Wearable Arts.

The former Bream Bay College head boy says he's looking forward to being involved in a project on the west coast.


"I am very inspired by the World of Wearable Art in Wellington. I've always had a fascination with wearable arts, its uniqueness and what it brings to New Zealand. I was lucky enough to attend WoW in Wellington last year and was blown away with the way they amalgamated the costumes with a theatrical performance.

"I will try to bring a sliver of wow to Dargaville. I also have a performance troupe called Olympus — so there will be performances that really highlight the costumes, and I am excited to bring them to Dargaville to share that experience."

Chairman of the Dargaville Arts Association, Allan Mortensen said last year's show was extremely well-received.

''Now we have the task of making each year better than the year before. To this end, we feel well on track to achieve this with the exciting, creative input of Jayden Rudolph."

Dargaville Arts Association deputy chair, John Pickworth, says the event is an opportunity for locals to showcase
their talent.

"The Dargaville Wearable Arts show provides an opportunity for people with the spark of an idea to transform that into a wearable costume and showcase it in this event."

The event will be divided into four categories: Moananui - Great Oceans; Living off the land - Farming (all types); Avant-garde; and Reduce, reuse, recycle.

Tickets are now available online at with a show on Friday, September 14 at 8pm and two shows on Saturday, September 15 at 2pm and 8pm.